Taboo Phone Sex – Kink and Fetish Unleashed

If there is one thing phone sex is particularly well suited for, it is that it crosses the great divide between imagination (taboo fantasies) and reality. In this regard, taboo phone sex is like no other platform. There are things that you can talk about and admit you are intrigued by during a phone conversation that you could not do otherwise.


Why is taboo phone sex so uniquely placed to tackle even the most challenging taboo topics?

Simply put, because phone sex is a platform that draws on both the intellect and on fantasies to explore human sexuality.  Some say that since phone sex exists only for entertainment purposes, it could not possibly tackle subjects like taboos, kinks and fetishes.  The reality is that it can. And the reason lies precisely in the fact that it is meant as an entertainment form and as such topics of discussion can be discussed freely.

There are many forms of taboo fantasies, some more challenging than others, and in may cases, taboo is all about perception. I am a dominatrix and enjoy being on “top” in any relationship I have, be it with a man or a woman.  When it comes to “taboo”, I admit to not being as hardcore as other people and there are things that I do not talk about, only because I only talk about what turns ME on, as opposed to my partners.  The notion of partner wanting anal sex with me for example, in other words, he she wants me to submit to “it”, is taboo and I will never submit to that.

This is the reason why taboo phone sex is so popular.  It lets you decide what you want, and when two adults are in agreement as to the role they want to play, then you have all the ingredients you need to have a very interesting conversation!

Role playing is a the core of taboo phone sex

Role play is one of the most delicious tools humans have to improve their sex life.  Take incest for example. Completely illegal in most societies, yet during phone sex, I am often asked to play the role of a mommy taking care of her naughty baby boy.  This is just one example of role play which can be enjoyed during a taboo phone sex session.

What would you like to roleplay?

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